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St Luke's Church, Eccleshill, Bradford, UK

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill.
Visitors are warmly welcome to all our events and services.

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Churches Together in North Bradford

Who we are

Churches Together in
North Bradford logo


The ten churches
which cover 'North Bradford'

Churches Together in North Bradford (CTNB) is a group of ten churches which seeks to serve the area of "North Bradford" (as defined by local government): Bolton, Eccleshill, Fagley, Ravenscliffe and Undercliffe. We encompass four denominations, which are all members of Churches Together in England. (For a list of the eight churches, click here.)

CTNB began in 1962 as the "North Bradford Christian Council" with the aim of providing Christian Unity in North Bradford by Ecumenical Services and joint activities. We have recently adopted two logos on the left to describe what we are about: the bottom one shows the area of the city which we cover and the locations of our buildings, and the top one uses this shape as the sails which catch the wind of God's Spirit and power the ecumenical ship. (You can read a magazine article on this.) There are ongoing discussions of various aspects of how we can better achieve our aims.

CTNB is run by a Committee which consists of the minister and two representatives from each of the member churches. Other church members are welcome to the meetings to observe and speak (but, of course, not to vote). A chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer are elected annually. The Committee meets three times a year, and is answerable to an Annual Meeting.


What we do

The main activities of CTNB over the past few years have been:

  • an annual joint Sunday morning service in the week of prayer for Christian Unity, with a visiting preacher from a different denomination from the host church;
  • one or two other joint services on Sunday evenings during the year;
  • a joint Lent course (not every year);
  • prayers at one church, a procession with a cross to another church, followed by a service at the second church, on Good Friday evening;
  • services at various homes for the elderly and the local community hospital (see the diary section of this web site);
  • a service on Remembrance Sunday at the War Memorial on the Recreation Ground;
  • Christmas Hymn Singing on a Saturday near Christmas in the local shopping centre;
  • a fellowship lunch together near Christmas.

Minutes are kept of CTNB meetings, but we also produce an informal report of each meeting so that representatives have something to refer to when reporting back to their own Churches.

The ministers of the churches also meet occasionally as the Ministers' Fellowship.


Programme of activities for 2015

Date Time Place Event
Sunday 25th January 10.30am St Andrew's Methodist Church, Undercliffe United Worship.
Speaker: Stuart Hacking
Tuesday 24th February 7.30pm St James Bolton Committee Meeting
Good Friday 3rd April 7pm Bolton Methodist Church Brief prayers,
then a walk to …
7.30pm St Luke Eccleshill United Worship for Good Friday.
Monday to Friday 11th-15th May All week Morrisons Enterprise 5 Christian Aid Week: Collecting (provisional: not arranged yet!)
Trinity Sunday 31st May 6.30pm Eccleshill URC * United Worship for Trinity
Thursday 1st June 7.30pm Eccleshill Methodist Church (venue not confirmed yet) Committee Meeting
Wednesday 2nd September 7.30pm Eccleshill URC Committee Meeting
Saturday 3rd October 7pm St Clare’s RC Fagley Harvest Faith Supper and Social evening
Sunday 4th October 6.30pm St James' Bolton United Worship for Harvest Time
Sunday 8th November 3pm War Memorial,
Eccleshill Recreation Ground
Remembrance Sunday Service
Thursday 24th November 7.30pm St Andrew's Methodist Church AGM & Committee Meeting
Saturday 20th December 10.30am Morrisons Enterprise 5 Christmas Carol Singing
* Subject to confirmation.
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