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Table of Parochial Fees for 2017

The Church of England has legal fees for a variety of services and occasions, including weddings, funerals, burials of bodies and ashes, certificates (i.e. certified copies of entries in registers), permission to introduce monuments into churchyards and to add inscriptions to them, and faculties (i.e. permissions to make changes to church buildings or churchyards). Some of the fees are set by Act of Parliament, and some are set locally by the Diocese or by Eccleshill PCC (or the PCC Personnel Committee). The table below sets out the ones we are most commonly asked about. For the Church Commissioners' Table of Fees, click this link.

Fees usually increase annually on 1st January each year. At the time of writing we do not know what General Synod is likely to recommend to Parliament about future fees, but if you are planning a wedding next year or the year after please allow for an increase in fees from 1st January 2018 and another from 1st January 2019. When we get any further information about future fees we will put it on this web site.


Deposit of 100. Note 1 We ask for a deposit of 100 to be paid at the beginning of the year when the wedding will take place (or when the wedding is booked if later). It is in addition to the fees below, and it will be returned on the wedding day after the service provided that there have been no problems.

Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales
Wedding Service N 193.00
Eccleshill Parochial Church Council  
Wedding Service N 231.00
Publication of Banns of Marriage N 28.00
Marriage Certificate N 4.00
Heating (will be refunded if not needed) Note 2 P 30.00
Total 293.00
Verger's Fee if a verger is needed Note 2 C 20.00
Total basic cost of wedding with no extras            506.00
Extras: Note 3
Organist's Fee C 48.00
Choir of 10 (unused sums of 6 will be returned) C 60.00
Bellringer C 6.00
Total with all these extras 620.00
Banns of marriage and certificate of Banns
Note 4
Reading the banns - PCC N 28.00
Certificate - PCC N 13.00
Total 41.00
Marriage certificate
provided on a later occasion
Diocese N 10.00
Services of Prayer and Dedication
following civil marriage:

The PCC has resolved that our fees for a service of prayer and dedication in church following civil marriage will be the same as for a wedding taking place by banns of marriage, except that the "diocesan fee" element will be reduced by the cost of a civil ceremony at a register office. Although there are no legal fees involved, the difference between the diocesan fee and the fee at a register office will still be sent to the Diocese as a contribution towards the costs of providing clergy in the parishes. However, there may be special circumstances when the fees may be reduced or waived. Please see the notes below. Note 5

Funerals in church
Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales N 98.00
Eccleshill Parochial Church Council N 84.00
Heating (will be refunded if not needed) Note 2 P 30.00
Organist C 45.00
Verger if a verger is needed Note 2 C 20.00
Total 277.00

Additional Diocesan Fee for the minister's attendance at the cemetery or crematorium immediately following the service in church:
N 26.00
Total 303.00
Funerals at a crematorium
Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales N 154.00
Eccleshill PCC N 28.00
Eccleshill PCC (to cover minister's travel etc.) Note 6 F 8.00
Total 190.00
(i.e. Searches of registers) Note 7
Eccleshill PCC N 28.00
Total 28.00


N - these fees are set Nationally by Act of Parliament
P - these fees are set by the Parochial Church Council
C - these fees are set by Committee - the PCC's Personnel Committee
F - these fees are set by agreement with local funeral directors

(1) In the past we've run into some problems which have made it necessary for us to charge a deposit. Accordingly, we take a deposit at the beginning of the year of the wedding, and return it afterwards provided there have been no problems. The deposit covers us for the following problems:

  • If you cancel a wedding and fail to give us notice by the beginning of the month before, so that we start reading banns of marriage, we will deduct the legal banns fee.
  • If your guests make a mess and we have to ask a cleaner to clean it up, or if there is any damage to the premises, the costs will come out of the deposit.
  • If the service is delayed by 15 minutes or longer, then everyone who has been inconvenienced will receive an extra 5 for their services (this sum to be taken out of the deposit). If the service is delayed by 30 minutes or longer then the musicians will all be allowed to go home (but they will still get paid for the time they have spent at the church) and the service will be without music.

(2) Legally speaking, the most recent Parochial Fees Amendment Measure clarified the position that those organising the service have the right to opt out of any "extras", and only have to pay the costs of what they actually get. Accordingly, if the weather is warm enough for no heating to be needed then no charge will be made, and if you opt not to have a verger then you don't need to have one and again no charge will be made. However, in order to put the matter beyond doubt, our Parochial Church Council has resolved that:

  • Seeing as we cannot know in advance what the weather will be like, we will ask for the actual costs of the heating to be paid in advance, and then if we don't have to use heating, we will return the money to you at the end of the service. In the case of a wedding we ask for the fees at the rehearsal, and we will return unused heating money with your deposit. And in the case of a funeral we will arrange for the funeral director to pay the heating costs and put them on your bill, and we will return the cost to you in cash after the service.
  • If you are intending to have the legal minimum for a service - that's to say, no music, and only a very small congregation, then you may opt out of having a verger to look after the church, provided that you understand that in the event of any problems (e.g. an unexpected intruder at the back of the church, or someone being taken ill, or a piece of machinery not working properly) the vicar will have to stop the service in order to look after the problem. If you want more than the legal minimum, and in particular if you do want music of any kind, then you will have to have the services of a verger.

(3) You don't have to have music or a bell for your wedding, but most people like to have them. We do recommend the choir, as although they aren't very numerous they make a big difference to everyone else's confidence in singing the hymns. We ask you to pay for a choir of 10 singers, and we will endeavour to provide a healthy number: but as we are never sure exactly how many will be able to come, we will return any unused fees to you. If we cannot provide more than just a handful of singers we reserve the right to cancel the choir and return the fees to you.

(4) If one of you lives in another parish then you will have to get your banns read in the parish church of the parish where you live, and collect a certificate to say they have been read, and bring it to us at St Luke's. There is a legal fee payable to the other church for this, as listed in the table. Also, if you are getting married elsewhere, these are the fees payable to St Luke's for your banns and certificate which you will need to take to the other church.

(5) The fee in the Register office for a civil marriage is 116 (see their web site, where there's a section about what it costs: at the time of writing this page it said you had to pay 35 each to give notice (on p5), and then 46 for the ceremony (on p7) - totalling 116), so the PCC has decided that the church fee for these services will be the figure for a marriage in church reduced by this amount. There are no statutory fees payable, but a sum will still be sent to the Diocese as set out. The Register Office fees are set by a different Act of Parliament from the Church Fees, and they may rise on 1st April each year (in which case ours will reduce by the corresponding amount).

(6) This sum is usually agreed by negotiation between the diocese and the local funeral directors. We understand that a figure of "up to 25" has been agreed, in order to cover cases in the rural area where the crematorium is a very long way from the parish church, but this is clearly excessive for Eccleshill, where the crematoria are only about 10 miles away. However, different funeral directors may occasionally pay different amounts.

(7) This is the fee for looking through a register of baptisms or burials and providing one certified copy of an entry if there is one, or a certificate to say there isn't one. Please note that the fee is payable whether or not the search is successful. The fee only covers the first hour of the search - there's a further fee for longer searches (but we've never had to charge that yet!).

Please note that there are other fees for other activities and occasions: the above table only sets out the ones we are most commonly asked about.

Paying the wedding fees. As you will see from the above, when you pay we have to pass on the different amounts of money to different people and bodies. So we ask you to pay for your wedding in cash by putting different amounts of cash in different bank bags, using a set of "tickets" which we will give you when you book your wedding. This means we can check the amounts and pass them on without having to make change. We ask you to pay at your rehearsal, please.

Please also note that there is a legal obligation on you to pay the fees for your wedding, so if we do not receive the fees then your wedding service may be delayed or cancelled. We haven't ever had any trouble about this at St Luke's, but there have been stories of embarrassment elsewhere, and we would hate your wedding service to run into any kind of unfortunate trouble because of the money. If you propose to pay by cheque then we require the payment a fortnight in advance to allow the cheque to clear.

Fees for 2018

At the time of writing we have only limited information about likely fees beyond 2017. We advise you to budget for at least a 5% increase next year, and keep in mind that it may be more like 10%. As soon as we have any information we will put a link to it from this page.

Eccleshill PCC usually considers fees for the next year at its meeting in November, and after it has done so we will post the information on this site.

John Hartley


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