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St Luke's Church, Eccleshill - The Link magazine

The Link is published monthly at 40p (Senior Citizens 35p), and we deliver free within the parish and post copies (at the reader's expense) to those who request it. Please contact us if you would like a free copy for a trial period.

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On our web site we only keep some articles from our parish magazine - mostly the pages written by the vicar, about four each issue. The articles are stored on free web space by, and we are grateful for this free space. In return the pages carry adverts, usually in a banner at the top of the pages - these are beyond our control: we do not accept any responsibility for them, and we do not endorse any of their claims. In particular we caution our readers that the description "Christian" in any adverts doesn't necessarily mean that these items teach the historic Christian faith of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Please use the links in the left-hand column of this page to access these pages.

We don't usually display the pages of the magazine until some while after the printed version is published, so please be patient if you want something recent. Occasionally we make mistakes in the navigation of these pages - if you discover any, please contact us.


The majority of our readers subscribe annually: we send requests for subscriptions with February's copy, and those who neither pay nor tell us they want to continue by 20th March are crossed off our circulation list. Readers are welcome to pay monthly if they would prefer this to paying annually. During the year we add to our list those who request copies and those who have had contact with our church through occasional services: these copies are free, but we ask these readers to decide whether to subscribe after a few months.

The file names refer to the date and page: the two-digit number is the year, the letter is the month, and the end part is the page. Thus "link-02d-p8.html" is page 8 of month d ( = April) of year 02.

Please note that the articles here don't necessarily link to other articles on the same topic. However the listing of archived articles is fully cross referenced.

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