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St Luke's Church, Eccleshill, Bradford, UK

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill.
Visitors are warmly welcome to all our events and services.

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We included this page so that searchers for our web site might be able to find us, even though they spelled our name wrongly. If you wrote: Eccles Hill, eccles hill, Eccles hill, eccles hill, Eccles-hill, Ecleshill, ecleshill, Ekleshill, ekleshill, ekkleshill, Ekkleshill, Eccelshill, eccelshill, ecclesill, Ecclesill, Eccleshil, or eccleshil, then maybe you meant Eccleshill. If you did, welcome home. Click here to get where you wanted to get.

Alternatively, maybe you're looking for one of the following sites. Note: we do not recommend any of these sites, we do not suggest that they are all compatible with the Christian faith, and we do not guarantee that they might not have changed their content since we reviewed them. Use these links at your own risk!

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... and there's lots more - just go to Google and type in "Eccleshill". Only try to spell it right!

If your site has a definite connection to Eccleshill, send us an e-mail and we'll think about putting up a link on this page.


Other "St Luke's" churches locally.

St Luke's Cleckheaton. We don't know why, but we get lots of phone calls asking about this one. The last time we looked, there were some details including the vicar's phone number here on the Kirklees Local Authority web site.

St Luke's & St Silas' Church, Farfield Street, Bradford BD9. This was demolished just a few years ago as part of the redevelopment of the Manningham area of the city.

St Luke's Bradford is more accurately called St Luke's East Bierley. It's a daughter church in a parish called "Birkenshaw with Hunsworth", and the last time we looked there were some details here on the Kirklees Local Authority web site.

As we get other enquiries about other St Luke's churches, we'll add them to this page.


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We are grateful to Bradford Diocese for hosting this site.
This web page was last updated on 2nd March 2010.