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St Luke's Church, Eccleshill, Bradford, UK

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill.
Visitors are warmly welcome to all our events and services.

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Records and registers at St Luke's

Older records and registers. Most of our older records are stored at the Bradford office of the West Yorkshire Archive Service which is located in Bradford Central Library (Prince's Way, Bradford BD1 1NN, tel: 0113 393 9785.) The following are stored at WYAS:

  • Baptisms: 1842-1978,
  • Marriages: 1858-1982,
  • Burials: 1842-1954 (but please note that these do not record locations of graves),
  • Banns of marriage: 1882-1988,
  • Confirmations: 1942-1958,
  • Services: 1878-1988, and
  • various other items not related to births, marriages or deaths.
We don't have copies of these: if you are wanting to consult one of these items, you will need to contact WYAS directly. If you want them to look something up for you (as opposed to going and looking it up yourself) or if you want a certified copy of an entry then WYAS will make a charge. The copies which you can examine are on microfiche - you can't handle the original records yourself. The reference number for the St Luke's Eccleshill records and registers is BDP41. The last time we looked, the Office was open 9.30am-5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there is building work going on and therefore there are some closures - so please ask them before turning up.


More recent records and registers. We have most of our more recent items, and you are welcome to enquire about them, but we must warn you of two things:

  1. There is a legal fee for consulting records and providing copies of them: we are legally obliged to charge, and it's not very cheap! The fees are set by Act of Parliament: for the current Table of Fees, click this link.
  2. We have a list of surnames and plot numbers for burials in the churchyard, and a plan of the churchyard showing plot numbers. But bitter experience shows us that it is not really very reliable. In the early days of churchyards there was no legal requirement to record the location of a grave within the churchyard, and if you wanted to mark a grave you did so with a memorial stone. It was only much later that people drew out plans of churchyards and tried to record who was buried where. We have discovered quite a few mistakes in our records, and our records only state surnames (and in some cases the surname of the next of kin, not the surname of the person buried). So please don't build up your hopes of finding the exact location of a grave!


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