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St Luke's Church, Eccleshill, Bradford, UK

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Eccleshill.
Visitors are warmly welcome to all our events and services.

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Our vision for St Luke's Church

What is our church all about, what is is trying to do, and where is it going?

Reaching a Vision

Many Anglicans think we already know what church is all about. After all, we've been doing it for nearly 2000 years, and here in Eccleshill we've been in business since 1848 - a lot longer than you've been having hot dinners. But that's not good enough for God's instrument for reaching a world which changes as time goes on.

Only God can give genuine vision. A vision reached by purely human effort would make us into an organisation but not into the Church of Jesus Christ!

It would be nice to present on this page a definite mission statement of our vision, our goals and objectives as a church, and the means by which we hope to reach the place we hope to be. But we are only part way there, and it would be wrong to give the impression that we have arrived. We are still on the move.

Our Logo

In Summer 2000 we adopted the following logo, after a period of receiving suggestions from members of our church:

The original design was that the shape held in the hands would be the parish boundaries. The parish of Eccleshill is roughly circular, encompassing parts of the BD2 and BD10 post-code areas, and the single church building lies roughly in the geographic centre. So we simplified the design a bit.

Our church's purpose is

  • to lift the people of Eccleshill to God in prayer, and
  • to help the people of the parish to receive the support of God's loving hands, expressed to us through Jesus Christ his Son.


Vision Statement

In January 2014 our Parochial Church Council held a Quiet Day to begin the process of revising our previous statements, dating from 2001. The following Mission Statement was agreed:

  • St Luke's Church aspires to be a welcoming, loving, inclusive family of God in outreach: engaging with children, young people (their families) and the wider community.
Following this meeting we agreed the following three priorities (which, it was agreed, should not be about the building and the finance seeing as these are common concerns of all community organisations and in no way set us apart from any other groups).

Our church's priorities are

  • Outreach to the community including active participation in a local Foodbank, promoting the Bradford & District Credit Union, and running the Christians Against Poverty CAP Money course;
  • Activities for children and building closer links with St Luke's Primary School; and
  • Running enquirers courses and other ways to help people to discuss and understand the Christian Faith.


Where next?

At the time of writing we still have to agree action points for each of these priorities. There has been good progress towards the launch of the Bradford North Foodbank, but less progress on the others.

We try to make our church like God wants it to be, and to live up to this vision. But please be patient with us, as we aren't there yet.


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